MobileInsight 5.0 release¶

July 1, 2020

we are thrilled to announce the release of MobileInsight v5.0.0. The main updates include

  • Migration to Python3: Starting from 5.0.0, all the MobileInsight codes will be written in Python 3. Please update your customized MobileInsight codes accordingly if they are still based on Python 2.

  • KPI analyzers: MobileInsight 5.0 now supports KPI analyzers, a new set of user-friendly cellular analytics APIs. KPI analyzers track the runtime Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the cellular network. They support the real-time KPI query on per-cell/user basis. Please read the tutorial of KPI analyzers and labelled dataset examples to learn how to use them,

    MobileInsight v5.0.0 supports the following standardized KPIs (standardized in 3GPP TS32.450)

    • Accessibility:

      • RRC connection establishment success rate

      • Attach success rate

      • Dedicated bearer setup success rate

      • Service request success rate

    • Mobility:

      • Tracking area update success rate

      • Intra RAT handover success rate

    • Retainability:

      • Abnormal RRC connection release rate

    • Integrity:

      • IP throughput

    MobileInsight v5.0.0 also supports the following experimental KPI analyzers:

    • Mobility:

      • Handover disruption time

      • Handover prediction

      • Handover head of line blocking

    • Data plane (L1/L2):

      • Downlink PDCP packet loss

      • Uplink PDCP packet loss

      • Block Error Ratio (BLER)

  • Network latency tracking and breakdown: MobileInsight v5.0.0 offers analyzers that can track and break down latency components for LTE uplink and downlink data packets.

    • The uplink latency analyzer can track the following latency components for each packet

      • UL scheduling latency

      • UL transmission latency

      • UL retransmission latency

      • DRX-doze latency

      • SR waiting latency

      • SR to grant latency

    • The downlink latency analyzer can track the following latency components for each packet

      • Statistics of retransmission

      • Statistics of t-reordering timer configuration

      • Statistics of Reordering + UL scheduling for NACK